Final Fantasy XV: How One of the Best FF Games Can Be Improved with Cheats

After the diminishing returns of the “Final Fantasy XIII” sub-franchise, also known as the “Lightning Trilogy,” and the total failure of “Final Fantasy XIV’s” first incarnation, it seemed like Final Fantasy was doomed to fate of franchises like Mega Man and Sonic. While Square-Enix has managed to improve things with “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn,” the console experience seemed like it would continue past failures. Despite taking over a decade from conception to completion, Final Fantasy XV final-ly debuted in November of 2016 and it is glorious!

“Final Fantasy XV” is a stunningly sincere apology for the over-proliferation of Lightning and feels like the Final Fantasy we have wanted for years, especially after so many gamers have enjoyed a steady diet of traditional JRPGs on handhelds and the huge glut of open world games. Despite being a notable change from Square-Enix’s failures, this title still has plenty of gameplay elements that honor its forebears.

  • Noctis’ Elemancy ability brings back memories of black sheep Final Fantasy VIII’s draw system. In FF 8, your character could absorb specific spells from monsters and certain points on the map and Noctis can siphon off fire, ice and electricity from crackling stones, energy capsules and even from enemies with the right weapons. Unfortunately, FF 15 eschews FF 8’s option to graft spells to Noctis’ stats.
  • While every Final Fantasy game features one or more airships as one of the final vehicles, you already begin play with the Regina, a very cool car based on the Audi R8. Unlike the real car, FF 15 makes a compromise between ancestry and innovation by eventually allowing you to upgrade the “Regina” into a flying car.

Despite all of the awesome features, there is always room for improvement; looking over the various features and offerings mentioned on sites like has inspired several ideas that would be great to somehow activate.

  • Infinite fishing line. Nothing is more infuriating than when Noctis reels in a fish and the line snaps in the last stretch, also losing your lure. Having infinite fishing line would also mean that you only need to buy one of each lure in the game.
  • Infinite fuel for the Regina. While 10 gil is a pittance to fill the fuel tank, it is still annoying to find a fuel pump. Having infinite fuel would save a lot of time spend backtracking to a settlement, giving you more time to tackle hunts and explore dungeons. Alternatively, even give players the option to buy a backup fuel canister for those rare moments where your car is out of gas and you do not want to have it towed. Another wonderful tweak would be stopping the Regina the moment you press X to stop, rather than waiting for Ignis to pull over.
  • Remove the restriction on hunts. This would be another “quality of life” alteration; ideally, this would mean you could take on all hunts available for your hunter level instead of the normal situation where you have to keep going back and forth between picking one hunt and claiming the rewards for it before tackling another.
  • Remove the hit point tax when using the Royal Arms. The Royal Arms are 13 high-power weapons only usable by Noctis, the heir to the kingdom of Insomnia. Despite this exclusivity, their power level also shaves off some of his hit points with every swing. While the health cost makes sense from a story perspective, it would be great if we could bypass the HP requirements.


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