How Can Businesses Benefit from AWS on Premise?

In today’s day and age, cloud storage has become a part of our daily lives, and more and more businesses are on the lookout for such services or already using one. Innovative solution to cloud storage are given by enterprises like Stratoscale who have expanded the meaning of cloud storage. One of the invaluable solutions “out of the stratosphere” is the on premise (on-prem) Amazon Web Services experience. Cutting edge technology from the IT sector hand in hand with Stratoscale provides AWS on-prem region for persons and businesses around the globe. This is the main aim of the company – as they put it: one can “transform any hardware into quota-based consumable capacity” – not only individuals but also companies and enterprises. But how can the businesses benefit from the AWS on premise in reality?

Needless to say, one should try the service themselves to realize how beneficial it really is. However, an important benefit to the on-prem AWS region is the effortlessness through which the user can transfer hardware to quota-based consumable capacity. As a result, a hybrid application-centric cloud infrastructure is built. Therefore, businesses gain the operational simplicity of a service-driven environment.

This leads us to the user-friendly interface of this cloud storage. After the easy setup and installation, the user is welcomed to manage the different services in an efficient manner and at a high-speed pace. The simplistic design and well setup functionalities remove barriers and provide true agility.

What is also positive about the on-prem AWS is security. Unlike other region providers who hardly ever distinguish users and hackers effectively, Stratoscale Symphony builds an AWS region for minutes and despite that does not compromise on security control and resiliency. The users of on-prem AWS receive full support for all workloads and applications exact to the AWS environment.

A unique feature of the on-premise AWS region is its building capacity. The cloud storage combines all on-prem resources into an ever-growing capacity which takes into account the needs of the user. All of this is possible due to the numerous system, technology, and channel partners of Stratoscale. The collaboration between Stratoscale, Lenovo, Intel, as well as other leading hardware and software vendors brought the on-prem AWS region to life – with its Terabytes (TBs) of storage that grow on demand.

Furthermore, the service is highly available due to its flexibility – one is able to pick only the application that work for them and their company. Every business – no matter how small or big it may be can benefit from the on-prem AWS as it provides fully managed services that automate and monitor the various processes.

In conclusion, Stratoscale and the on-premise AWS region they provide are innovative in many aspects of their characteristics. They are a good choice when it comes to cloud storage especially to businesses for how user-friendly they are, the effectiveness of the services and simplicity mixed with high level of security. Most importantly, AWS on premise by Stratoscale offers automatic services as well as infinite capacity based on the needs of the companies and enterprises in question.

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